Township Of Athelstane Ordinances

Ordinances have been updated as of 8-28-21


Ordinance 1     - Comprehensive Repeal of Prior Ordinances
Ordinance 2     - Code of Ordinances
Ordinance 3     - Personnel
Ordinance 4     - Penalty
Ordinance 5     - Building
Ordinance 6     - Land Division
Ordinance 7     - License/Registration/Permit
Ordinance 8     - Eye Sore and Blighted Property
Ordinance 9     - Dogs and Cats Running at Large
Ordinance 10   - Town Road Design Standards
Ordinance 11   - Private Road Design Standards
Ordinance 12   - Private Driveway Standards
Ordinance 13   -  Volunteer Fire Department Funds
Ordinance 14   - Litter
Ordinance 15   - Issuance of Citations
Ordinance 16   - Compensation to the Town of Athelstane for Putting Out Unattended Fires
Ordinance 17   - Variance Request
Ordinance 18   - Cemetery
Ordinance 19   - Municipal Court Abolishment
Ordinance 20   - Snowmobile Access
Ordinance 21   - Snowmobile Routes
Ordinance 22   - All-Terrain & Utility Terrain Vehicle Routes
Ordinance 23  - Public Morals and Decency
Ordinance 24  - Town Planning Commission
Ordinance 25  - Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Ordinance 26  - Seasonal Weight Limits
Ordinance 27  -  Treasurer’s Bond
Ordinance 28  - Adult Entertainment
Ordinance 29  - Responsible Unit Recycling
Ordinance 30  - Broadband
Ordinance 31  - Road Debris
Ordinance 32  - Records Retention


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Ordinance 1.doc Ordinance 1.pdf
Ordinance 2.doc Ordinance 2.pdf
Ordinance 3.doc Ordinance 3.pdf
Ordinance 4.doc Ordinance 4.pdf
Ordinance 5.doc Ordinance 5.pdf
Ordinance 6.doc Ordinance 6.pdf
Ordinance 7.doc Ordinance 7.pdf
Ordinance 8.doc Ordinance 8.pdf
Ordinance 9.doc Ordinance 9.pdf
Ordinance 10.doc Ordinance 10.pdf
Ordinance 11.doc Ordinance 11.pdf
Ordinance 12.doc Ordinance 12.pdf
Ordinance 13.doc Ordinance 13.pdf
Ordinance 14.doc Ordinance 14.pdf
Ordinance 15.doc Ordinance 15.pdf
Ordinance 16.doc Ordinance 16.pdf
Ordinance 17.doc Ordinance 17.pdf
Ordinance 18.doc Ordinance 18.pdf
Ordinance 19.doc Ordinance 19.pdf
Ordinance 20.doc Ordinance 20.pdf
Ordinance 21.doc Ordinance 21.pdf
Ordinance 22.doc Ordinance 22.pdf
Ordinance 23.doc Ordinance 23.pdf
Ordinance 24.doc Ordinance 24.pdf
Ordinance 25.doc Ordinance 25.pdf
Ordinance 26.doc Ordinance 26.pdf
Ordinance 27.doc Ordinance 27.pdf
Ordinance 28.doc Ordinance 28.pdf
Ordinance 29.doc Ordinance 29.pdf
Ordinance 30.doc Ordinance 30.pdf
Ordinance 31.doc Ordinance 31.pdf
Ordinance 32.doc Ordinance 32.pdf
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Driveway Permit
Road Application

Building Permit